Windows 7 training videos

Faster, easier to use, more powerful - that's Windows 7. Learn how to take advantage of new features that help you get more done, organize better and connect more securely. Use these quick, to-the-point training videos to discover the tips and tricks that can make you more productive with Windows 7. Includes Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10.

Windwos 7 training videos
Title Description Duration
Getting Started
Windows 7 Overview Familiarize yourself with the benefits and features of Windows 7 2:24
Logging On to Windows 7 Review the steps for logging in and various accessibility options 1:14
The Start Menu Preview the new features on the updated Start Menu 3:32
Desktop Features
Touring the Desktop Take a guided tour around the new Windows 7 desktop 2:55
Finding Recently Used Files Jump to a recently used file quickly by using Jump Lists 1:57
Searching from the Start Menu Find just about anything right from the Start Menu with Windows Search 2:50
Arranging Windows Automatically size and arrange windows by "snapping" them into place 1:34
Live TaskBar Preview Get a live preview of open programs and documents from the Taskbar 2:03
Switching Programs Flip between programs from the Taskbar or keyboard 1:25
Clearing the Desktop Watch this cool trick to clear the desktop by "shaking" a window :46
Managing Files and Folders
Using Explorer Windows Overview of how to navigate and customize Explorer windows to manage files
Navigating My Documents Learn how to navigate, adjust the view, and locate files with My Documents 2:34
Tagging Common Files Add tags to files to make them easier to locate 2:26
Organizing with Libraries Discover the benefits of using Libraries to organize common documents 2:31
Displaying File Extensions Take control of how your files and folders display in Windows 7 2:02
Adding and Removing Columns Display information your way by adding and removing folder columns 1:42
Sharing a Folder Review options for sharing folders and controlling permissions levels 2:59
Sharing with Public Folders Use Public Folders to share files between people on the same computer 1:25
Associate a Program with a File Choose the program that should be associated with common file types 2:00
Customizing Windows
Personalizing Windows Switch the theme, desktop background, colors, sound and screen saver 2:07
Adding Gadgets Add a clock, calendar, news feeds and other gadgets to the desktop 1:52
Making Everything Bigger Adjust the screen resolution to make things easier to see 2:29
Displaying Multiple Time Zones Keep track of other time zones and display multiple clocks with this cool feature 1:26
Customizing the Taskbar Choose the appearance, location and how to display buttons on your taskbar 3:08
Customizing the Start Menu Put the items you need right at your fingertips by customizing the Start Menu 2:18
Shut Down Options How to change the Power button's default action 1:11
Windows Accessories
Ease of Access Center Examine the Windows 7 accessibility features 3:13
Snipping Tool For screen captures, instead of using Print Screen, look at the Snipping Tool 1:56
Adding Sticky Notes Put a digital sticky note on the desktop instead of the monitor 1:17
Burning Files to CD/DVD Watch how easy it is to burn files to a CD or DVD 3:08
Devices and Networking
Adding New Devices Easily install phones, cameras, printers and more using the Device Stage 1:40
Connecting to a Printer A step-by-step guide to installing printers in Windows 7 3:09
Connecting to a Projector Windows 7 makes it easier than ever to connect to a projector 1:51
Connect to a Wireless Network How to locate, connect to, and manage wireless connections 2:48
Mapping a Network Drive A refresher on how to create a shortcut to a shared folder on a network 2:36
Connecting to a Domain Join a domain quickly and more securely in Windows 7 2:16
Laptop and Tablet Features
Windows Mobility Center Find all the tools and settings you need in one convenient location 1:23
Optimizing Laptop Power Optimize the battery life by switching or adjusting the power plan 2:27
Configuring the Pen Options for adjusting the settings on a stylus or other input device 2:45
Handwriting with a Pen Use the Input Panel to enter or write data instead of a keyboard 3:00
Writing Math Expressions Write mathematical equations the natural way with the Math Input panel 1:55
Security and Backup
User Access Control Control settings and security by adjusting the User Access Control (UAC) 2:33
Setting a Restore Point Learn how Windows protects important data by creating restore points 2:56
Backing Up Files Review the steps to back up your files and folders on Windows 7 2:28
Creating a System Image Protect your computer from a catastrophic crash 2:47
Tips and Tricks (new!)
Windows Key Shortcuts Use various Windows key combinations to manage applications 3:52
Recording Problems and Issues Capture each step of an issue with the Problems Steps Recorder 3:26
Compressing Files and Folders Reduce the size of files before e-mailing with this handy Windows feature 3:12
Pinning a Drive to the Taskbar Create a shortcut to a local or network drive on the Taskbar 2:45
Extending the Calculator Explore the four styles and worksheets included with the Windows Calculator 2:51
Windows Explorer Tips Customize the Explorer Window to manage, locate and preview files 3:32
Internet Explorer 8
Tabbed Browsing Learn how to browse multiple pages with tabs instead of separate windows 1:34
Adding Favorites Keep track of frequently visited web pages by adding them to your favorites 2:07
Setting the Home Page How to designate one or more pages to serve as home page tabs 1:33
Exporting or Importing Favorites Tips for exporting your favorites from one computer and importing to another 1:58
Viewing Browsing History Find your way back to recently viewed pages with IE's history feature 1:00
Search Options Add search providers and choose the default you want with IE8 1:30
Zooming In Get up close and personal with the Zoom tool :48
Compatibility View Use Compatibility View to see web pages as they were originally intended 1:39
Sending a Page Look at Page options for two different ways to share or send web pages :54
Printing Web Pages Review the features that help you print exactly what you see on the screen 1:20
Deleting Browsing History Explore the options for deleting history, cookies and other data 1:15
InPrivate Browsing Prevent Internet Explorer from storing data about your browsing session 1:00
Controlling Pop-up Windows Configure the settings to help manage pop-up windows 1:32
Web Accelerators Quickly access services, such as mapping and more, from the web page :54
Customizing the Toolbar How to add and remove buttons on the Internet Explorer toolbar 1:13
Internet Explorer 9
Touring the New Interface Experience the clean, streamlined interface and customization options 1:50
Improved Tabbed Browsing Browse multiple pages with tabs instead of separate windows 2:40
Searching the Web Learn to add and manage search providers and search within a page 3:19
Working with Favorites Add and organize favorites to frequently visited web pages 2:53
Creating Shortcuts Tear off a tab, pin it to the task bar, and display pages side-by-side 2:36
Adjusting the View Tips for making it easier to read content by controlling the zoom level 1:49
Viewing and Deleting History Find your way back to sites you've visited or delete browsing history 1:55
Precise Printing Review the features and options to help you print exactly what you want 2:30
Managing Downloads Control how to safely download items with the new Download Manager 3:04
Setting the Home Page Configure Internet Explorer to open one or more homepages 2:46
Using Web Accelerators Quickly search, map an address, or translate content within a page 2:11
Security and Privacy Check out Internet Explorer 9's improved privacy and security features 2:45
Internet Explorer 10
Internet Explorer Overview Take a quick tour of the new, streamlined Internet Explorer 1:35
Adding & Finding Favorites Add and organize links to favorite or frequently visited web pages 1:54
Downloading with Confidence Learn how to safely download items in Internet Explorer 1:57
Protecting Your Privacy Check out Internet Explorer's improved privacy and security features 1:58
Adjusting the View Tips for making it easier to read content by controlling the zoom level 1:34
Precise Printing Tips Review the features and options to print exactly what you want 2:04