Put the power of Excel 2013 to work for you! This series of training videos demonstrates how its new features and improved functionality make it easier to produce great looking results. Cut through and organize data quickly with filters, Pivot Tables and Slicers. Learn best practices for using effective formulas and functions. And save time with new features including Recommended Charts, Flash Fill and Quick Analysis tools.

Getting Started
Getting Acquainted with Excel (3:57 min)
Familiarize yourself with the Ribbon, tabs and features in Excel 2013
Where to look to open, save, share, export and print Excel files
Ensuring Version Compatibility (1:47 min)
Avoid issues when working with earlier versions of Excel files
Customizing the QAT (1:53 min)
Create a customized Quick Access Toolbar with your favorite shortcuts
Customizing the Ribbon (2:12 min)
Make it easier to find favorite commands by customizing the Ribbon
New in Excel 2013
Learn a new, time-saving way to copy simple or complex patterns
Analyzing Data Quickly (2:25 min)
Analyze data trends quickly in just one click with this new feature
Selecting the Right Chart (2:33 min)
Find just the right chart from the start with this new feature
Creating Reports in Power View (3:42 min)
Create interesting and appealing presentations with the Power View tool
Formulas and Functions
Reviewing the Basics (3:29 min)
Gain a basic understanding of how Excel functions and formulas work
How to set up and use the SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, and COUNT functions
Using Functions and Formulas (3:43 min)
Learn the right way to use functions & formulas to get the desired results
Working with IF Statements (3:27 min)
How to use IF and NESTED IF statements to make your work easier
Using Function IF Statements (3:13 min)
Total and display customized calculations using IF Statements
Finding Data with Lookups (3:56 min)
See how the LOOKUP and VLOOKUP functions can quickly find specific data
Adding a Subtotal Function (2:22 min)
Put the SUBTOTAL function to work to total only visible data
Working with Named Ranges (3:07 min)
Understand how and when to use Named Ranges
Validating Data (3:18 min)
Control and restrict the type of data that a cell can contain
Restricting Duplicate Data (2:14 min)
See the right way to prevent duplicates from being entered in your data
Concatenating Data (2:11 min)
Tips for joining words or text strings together with this handy trick
Setting up a Multi-tier List (3:31 min)
Create conditions where choices in one list are dependent on another
Calculating Time Periods (3:12 min)
Resolve tough time period calculations with formatting and the MOD function
Organizing Information
Sorting Data (3:01 min)
Get data in the order you need using Excel's powerful sorting tools
Filtering Data (3:11 min)
Quickly filter data using common drop-down lists or customize your own
Using Advanced Filtering (2:48 min)
Learn to use the powerful Advanced Filtering tool for complex filtering
Visualizing Data
Emphasize and highlight your data with Data Bars, Color Scales and more
Integrating Sparklines (2:27 min)
Visualize and reveal trends in your data with the handy Sparklines feature
Creating Charts and Graphs (2:22 min)
Review new ways to bring your data to life with a stylish chart or graph
Tables and PivotTables
Working with Table Data (3:07 min)
Convert existing data into a table for easy sorting, filtering and formatting
PivotTable Features (4:07 min)
Step-by-step instructions on how to build and customize a PivotTable
Filtering PivotTables (2:43 min)
Use Excel's powerful filtering tools to better organize your data for viewing
Formatting PivotTables (2:36 min)
Adjust the layout and style to create an attractive and dynamic report
Add precision and speed to your filtering with easy-to-use slicers
Consolidating and Outlining Data
Grouping and Outlining Data (3:08 min)
Organize rows into columns or levels for easier review of summarized data
Using the SubTotal Tool (2:54 min)
Easily create and add subtotals to help summarize and group data
Linking Worksheets (3:36 min)
Learn the techniques to link cells for better data management
Formatting and Printing
Make your worksheets pop with easy to apply styles and formatting
Working with Dates (3:06 min)
Tips for formatting dates so they always display correctly
Saving Time with Macros (3:17 min)
Speed up repetitive formatting tasks by recording the steps in a macro
Getting Ready to Print (2:39 min)
Use the Page Layout View and Page Layout Tab tools for perfect printing
Securing Data
Protecting Worksheet Data (3:17 min)
A look at several ways to keep your data safe from unauthorized changes