Frequently asked questions

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Is a subscription required?
No. Buy just what you need for a one-time cost to download and deploy to unlimited users within the organization.

What formats do the clips come in?

  • MP4/HTML5 or MP4/ASPX -- ready to roll on SharePoint, Office 365, Intranet
  • WMV/HTML -- for Windows Media Player
  • SCORM 1.2 -- for Learning Management Systems

Do we need to install software or a video player?
No, our clips come ready to play using TechSmith's Smart Player and will play in any modern browser or mobile device. .

Can we see a few samples?
Absolutely. Each respective product page (like this one) features a few linked titles. You're encouraged to request a free evaluation version or SCORM samples to test within your organization.

How exactly are the videos deployed on our server or SharePoint site?
Check out our deployment video tutorials to see how.


What's the difference between a Corporate and Enterprise License?
Either license allows our videos to be deployed on premises or in the cloud and cover unlimited users. In a nutshell, the difference is based on the physical location of the users.

  • Corporate - Unlimited users at a single geographic location (i.e. a local metro area)
  • Enterprise - Unlimited users in multiple geographic locations (i.e. statewide, nationwide, or globally)

How fast can we get the clips after ordering?
All of our products are downloadable and available the same day, usually within an hour or so after receiving your payment.

Will you accept Purchase Orders?
Absolutely. We also accept payment by credit or procurement card, checks and wire transfers (EFT).

Can we get a discount for our non-profit?
Of course. We offer discounts to government, education, military and other non-profit organizations. Request a quote here.

How do we access clips we've purchased?
By logging into our Customer Portal from the account information we provided after purchase. From the portal, you're able to review past transactions, change your account password, and download your products.


What kind of support can we expect?
We offer free lifetime support for all our products, available by phone or email.

Why can't we play MP4 clips on our system?
If you've installed the MP4 version of our clips and they're not able to play in the browser, your system administrator will need to add MP4 to the local server's list of MIME types. Typically, MP4 is not included as a MIME type by default, but it's very easy to add. Please contact us for help.

I have other questions, is there someone I can actually talk to?
Sure, call us at 1-800-278-3497 or send your question here. We're happy to help!