Lync 2013 is all about connecting with colleagues, no matter where they are! This series of Lync training videos demonstrates how to stay in touch through instant messaging, audio calls and video conferencing. Learn to use its powerful collaborative tools to conduct virtual meetings by sharing programs or the desktop. And when using your favorite mobile device, see how Lync's integration features help keep you connected while on-the-go.

Introducing Lync 2013
See the various ways Lync makes connecting with colleagues easier
Getting Started with Lync (2:19 min)
Learn how to get up and running with Lync 2013
Using Instant Messaging
Chatting with IM (1:39 min)
Start an instant messaging conversation with one or more Lync contacts
Finding Conversation History (1:39 min)
Find previous Lync conversations in Microsoft Outlook
Sharing Files via Lync (1:28 min)
Learn how to share files during an IM conversation
Working with Contacts
Keep your favorite contacts and groups within easy reach
Adding a Picture (1:42 min)
Options for adding a picture to personalize your Lync contact card
Tagging for Presence Alerts (1:07 min)
Use Status Alerts to keep up-to-date on others availability
Connecting with Voice and Video Calls
Setting up Audio and Video (1:21 min)
Make sure you're ready to communicate by testing your audio and video
Making a Voice Call (1:49 min)
How to conveniently call another Lync user right from your PC
Conference Calls (1:53 min)
Coordinate an impromptu Lync call and invite multiple participants
Making a Video Call (2:18 min)
Personalize your online communications with face-to-face calls
Starting a Video Conference (2:08 min)
Set up and manage a visual conference call with your colleagues
Using Voice Mail (1:50 min)
Access missed calls directly from Lync or your Outlook e-mail
Organizing Online Meetings
Take advantage of Lync's meeting and collaboration features
Scheduling an Online Meeting (3:05 min)
Learn to quickly schedule an Online Meeting Request in Outlook
Starting or Joining a Meeting (1:55 min)
A look at the options to start or join an online meeting
Recording a Meeting (2:07 min)
Record an online meeting and publish with the Recording Manager
Sharing and Collaboration Features
Learn how to share your desktop during a Lync meeting
Sharing a Program (1:40 min)
Share programs with others during an online meeting
Delivering a Presentation (2:49 min)
Present with PowerPoint during a Lync meeting
Taking an Informal Poll (1:46 min)
Create a short poll to gain instant feedback during or after a meeting
Using a Lync Whiteboard (2:04 min)
Brainstorm ideas with others using a shared virtual whiteboard
Interacting with Lync
Lync and Outlook (1:24 min)
Look at the options for connecting with Lync contacts in Outlook
Lync and SharePoint (1:35 min)
See how Lync and SharePoint 2013 work together for better collaboration
Lync on-the-Go
Lync Web App (2:21 min)
Use your web browser to connect to a Lync meeting
Lync Mobile: iPad (2:24 min)
Connect to a meeting or IM using the Lync iPad app
Lync Mobile: iPhone (2:57 min)
Stay in touch by taking advantage of the easy-to-use iPhone app
Lync Mobile: Windows Phone (3:05 min)
Review the steps to add the Lync app to your Windows Phone
Lync Mobile: Android (3:08 min)
Interact with colleagues while on-the-go with the handy Lync Android app