Working with Office 2016
for Office 365

Today there's a whole new way to work with others via Office 2016 and Office 365. The training videos in this series demonstrate new ways to save, share and sync files from the desktop and Office 365. We explore each program separately to introduce new features while reviewing the Office essentials that help individuals and teams collaborate better.

Office 365
Learn about some of the benefits of being signed in to Office 365
Managing Cloud-based Files (1:58 min)
Learn new options for managing cloud-based files in Office 2016
Syncing Files for Offline Access (1:23 min)
How to sync Office 365 files for access without an Internet connection
Excel 2016
Take a look at the new tools, features and changes made in Excel 2016
Sort, Filter & Format Like a Pro (2:55 min)
How to use tables to quickly sort, filter and format data
Speeding Up Data Entry (1:35 min)
How to use Auto-Fill and Flash Fill to speed up data entry
News Ways to Combine Text (3:48 min)
How to combine text strings with TEXTJOIN and CONCAT
Looking at the new IFS Function (2:08 min)
A simpler way to list multiple logical tests and multiple results
Creating Charts and Graphs (2:25 min)
Learn how to discover trends in your data with new chart types
Sharing & Collaborating (1:55 min)
Share and collaborate with colleagues on a single cloud-based file
Analyzing Data with PivotTables (2:53 min)
Adjust the layout and style to create an attractive and dynamic report
Transform Data with Query Editor (2:36 min)
How to unpivot columns to convert and rearrange improper data
Creating a Future Forecast (1:55 min)
Forecasts can used predict things like future sales, cost, inventory, etc.
OneNote 2016
Stay organized with these helpful new features in OneNote 2016
Working with Notebooks (2:17 min)
Review the steps to create, open, close and delete OneNote notebooks
Working with Sections & Pages (2:48 min)
How to add, rearrange, and password protect OneNote sections
Sharing Your Notebook (1:37 min)
How to set up a shared notebook using Office 365 and a SharePoint site
OneNote Mobile Apps (1:29 min)
Learn how to create and edit notes on all your devices
Coordinating with Outlook (2:09 min)
Access notes right in the browser with the Online app and Office 365
Capturing Screen Clippings(1:35 min)
Easily make a screen clipping of a web page and extract its text
Adding Audio and Video (1:50 min)
Add impact to your notes by adding audio or video right in OneNote
OneNote Online (1:46 min)
Access notes right in the browser with the Online app and Office 365
Outlook 2016
An overview of the layout and options for customizing Outlook
Composing Messages Efficiently (2:38 min)
Tips and shortcuts for composing Outlook messages efficiently
Attaching Files or Outlook Items (2:13 min)
A look at the options for attaching and managing files and Outlook items
Sharing Files from the Cloud (1:45 min)
How to share a file from a OneDrive or SharePoint site folder
Creating Personal Groups (2:32 min)
Speed up your communications by creating custom personal groups
Archiving with One-Click (1:10 min)
Use one-click archiving to quickly move messages you want to keep
Working with Drafts (1:10 min)
How to create or find draft versions of messages in Outlook
Creating a Signature (1:51 min)
Give your e-mails a personalized touch by creating automatic signatures
Removing Clutter from the Inbox (1:49 min)
Learn how this new features works to keep the Inbox free of clutter
Setting Out-of-Office Notifications (1:29 min)
Let others inside and outside your organization know when you're away
Working with Multiple Accounts (1:27 min)
Tips for managing Outlook mail when using multiple accounts
Adding Events and Meetings (2:36 min)
Add an event to the Calendar and convert it to a meeting request
Organizing with To-Dos & Tasks (2:48 min)
Review, add and keep track of your to-dos and tasks using Outlook
PowerPoint 2016
A look at what's new and updated from past versions of PowerPoint
Recording Screen Videos (2:09 min)
Take your presentation to the next level by adding engaging video
Sharing and Collaboration (1:54 min)
How to share and collaborate with colleagues on a single presentation
Adding Images and Screenshots (2:23 min)
Liven up your presentation by adding screen shots, online images and more
Aligning and Distributing Objects (2:33 min)
How to use guides and grid lines to align objects with more precision
Animating Text and Objects (3:23 min)
Engage your audience by including fun animations in your presentation
Creating Better Bullets (2:47 min)
Covert boring bullets to SmartArt for a more compelling presentation
Creating a Morph Transition (1:29 min)
Add a cool special effect using the new Morph transition
Introducing PowerPoint Designer (2:02 min)
Designer suggest different slide design options when you add a picture
Converting PowerPoint to Video (3:10 min)
How to create a YouTube-ready video from a PowerPoint presentation
Word 2016
Take a look at the new tools, features and changes in Word 2016
Opening Files from the Cloud (2:07 min)
Options for opening documents from the PC or cloud locations
Saving Files to the Cloud (1:18 min)
Options for saving document to the cloud locations or the PC
Sharing & Collaborating (2:05 min)
Share and collaborate with colleagues on a single cloud-based document
Reviewing Document History (2:20 min)
How to roll-back to an earlier version of a cloud-based document
Using Smart Lookup (1:23 min)
Access the Bing search within Word to research a selected word or phrase
Organizing with Tables (2:34 min)
How to use tables to organize and present information effectively
Better Headers & Footers (2:32 min)
Options for adding structure with headers, footers, and page numbers
Working with Themes and Styles (2:32 min)
How to add a consistent, polished and professional look to documents
Creating and Editing PDF's (1:56 min)
Watch how to create, edit and send PDFs without leaving Word
Skype for Business
Getting Started with Skype (2:07 min)
Learn how to get up and running with Skype for Business
Features Overview (1:04 min)
See the various ways Skype makes connecting with colleagues easier
Chatting with IM (1:21 min)
Start an instant messaging conversation with one or more Skype contacts
Finding Conversation History (1:22 min)
Find previous Skype conversations in Microsoft Outlook
Managing Contacts (1:57 min)
Keep your favorite contacts and groups within easy reach
Making a Video Call (1:18 min)
Personalize your online communications with face-to-face calls
Scheduling an Online Meeting (2:04 min)
Learn to quickly schedule an Online Meeting Request in Outlook
Starting or Joining a Meeting (1:16 min)
A look at the options to start or join an online meeting
Sharing Your Desktop (1:41 min)
Learn how to share your desktop during a Skype meeting
Delivering a Presentation (2:05 min)
Present with PowerPoint during a Skype online meeting