Smooth Move to
Office 365

Office 365 gives you the flexibility to work virtually anywhere, right in the browser. This series of training videos demonstrates how to take advantage of Office 365's powerful features and get things done. Learn to manage your mailbox more efficiently with Outlook mail, quickly coordinate events and meetings on the Calendar, use People to easily connect with colleagues and resources, and work effectively with Office programs online.

Getting Started with Office 365
What is Office 365 and what can it do for me?
Signing in for the First Time (1:50 min)
Instructions on how to sign in to Office 365 for the first time
Touring Office 365 (2:20 min)
Take a quick tour around the Office 365's browser interface
Adding Your Photo (1:06 min)
Put a face to a name by adding your photo
Customizing Your Profile (1:49 min)
Tell your colleagues about yourself by accessing and editing your profile
Personalizing Office 365 (1:53 min)
Customize the App Launcher, start page and Office 365 theme
New Features
Learn how Office 365 video allows people to view and share videos
Delve Overview (2:34 min)
Learn a new way of finding documents most relevant to you
Outlook Mail (OWA)
Conveniently manage your email with the Outlook Web App (OWA)
Composing Messages (1:52 min)
The basics for composing and sending messages in OWA
Sending Files and Attachments (2:26 min)
Learn how to attach files or insert pictures in an email message
Working with Draft Messages (1:08 min)
See how and where draft messages are automatically saved
Adding Mailbox Folders (2:36 min)
Keep your mailbox clean and organized by creating custom folders
Arranging and Filtering Mail (1:33 min)
Rearrange your mailbox the way you like by using sort options
Flagging for Follow-up (1:34 min)
Flag items for follow-up so you'll never miss an important deadline
Organizing with Categories (1:47 min)
Use color-coded categories to keep mail and calendar items organized
Creating Your Signature (1:26 min)
Add your signature and contact details automatically to messages
Setting Out-of-Office Replies (1:22 min)
Let others know you're away from the office with automatic replies
Automating with Rules (2:35 min)
Cut the inbox clutter with rules to automatically manage message items
Finding Messages and People (1:31 min)
Quickly locate email items and people with the powerful search feature
Changing Display Settings (1:13 min)
Adjust the way messages, conversations, and previews are displayed
Removing Clutter from the Inbox (2:26 min)
Learn how this feature works to keep the Inbox free of clutter
Cleaning Out Your Inbox (1:16 min)
Remove unwanted mail quickly with Sweep
Dealing with Junk Mail (1:22 min)
Stay in control of unwanted messages and potentially malicious content
Opening Another Mailbox (1:38 min)
The steps to open another shared or group mailbox
Office 365 Groups
Learn how Groups can help you speed up team communications
Creating and Setting a Group (2:18 min)
How to create and setup a Public or Private group
Managing Group Membership (1:50 min)
How to add and remove members or give admin permissions
Joining Group Conversations (1:35 min)
Options for creating or joining group conversations
Adding and Editing Group Files (1:55 min)
Learn how group files can be opened and edited collaboratively
Working with a Group Calendar (2:30 min)
Tips for adding, editing and removing items from a group calendar
Outlook Calendar
Take a guided tour to get familiar with the Calendar's features
Adding Appointments (2:08 min)
The options for adding appointments and events to the Calendar
Scheduling Meetings (1:57 min)
How to schedule meetings that include multiple participants
Sharing Your Calendar (1:25 min)
How to share your calendar or access one shared with you
Managing Additional Calendars (1:20 min)
Create multiple calendars to keep activities separate and organized
Printing Calendar Mail Items (1:00 min)
The steps to printing email messages and calendar appointments
Deleting Calendar and Mail (2:11 min)
Review options for deleting and recovering deleted mail or calendar items
Outlook People
Finding People and Groups (1:29 min)
Use search to find people, groups, and resources within the organization
Managing Contacts (2:11 min)
Review the options for adding and managing your personal contact list
Connecting with Skype(1:14 min)
Communicate with instant messages right in your browser with Skype
Get an overview of OneDrive to learn about its features and functionality
Uploading Files and Folders (2:06 min)
Discover more than one way to add files and folders to OneDrive
Syncing OneDrive Folders (1:52 min)
Sync OneDrive folders to the desktop for easier access to your files
Managing Files and Folders (2:40 min)
How to move, copy, rename and delete files and folders
Opening & Editing Documents (1:53 min)
Learn how documents can be opened and edited collaboratively
Sharing Your Documents (2:20 min)
Reduce email attachments with OneDrive's handy sharing feature
Attaching Files from Outlook (1:58 min)
Options for attaching a copy of a OneDrive file to an email message
Recovering Previous Versions (1:32 min)
Use Version History to view, restore or remove previous versions
Finding Your Files (1:34 min)
Use the powerful search feature to find files and a whole lot more
OneDrive On-the-Go (2:10 min)
View and edit your OneDrive work files on a mobile phone or tablet
SharePoint Sites
Get a quick overview of SharePoint's features and functionality
Library Overview (2:16 min)
Learn how Libraries are used to store, edit, organize and share files
Uploading Files & Folders (1:39 min)
Discover more than one way to upload files and folders
Working with Lists (1:34 min)
The options for creating new library files and folders
Adding or Editing Lists (2:06 min)
Add or edit list data more efficiently with the Quick Edit view
Working with Office Online
A look at the options for creating or editing Word docs in the browser
Working with Excel Online (2:09 min)
Use Excel Online to make quick changes to a worksheet in the browser
Working with PowerPoint Online (2:21 min)
Easily preview, edit and adjust a presentation with PowerPoint Online
Working with OneNote Online (1:50 min)
Save time by digitally organizing all your important notes in one place