We're used to storing our private work files in a place like "My Documents" on our PC. OneDrive for Business is similar but located, not on the PC, but in a secure, cloud-based folder on Office 365. There are some real benefits to this new way to work and this series will help users get up-to-speed quickly to make a smooth transition.

OneDrive for Business
Get an overview of OneDrive to learn about its features and functionality
Uploading Files and Folders (2:06 min)
Discover more than one way to add files and folders to OneDrive
Syncing OneDrive Folders (1:52 min)
Sync OneDrive folders to the desktop for easier access to your files
Managing Files and Folders (2:40 min)
How to move, copy, rename and delete files and folders
Opening & Editing Documents (1:53 min)
Learn how documents can be opened and edited collaboratively
Sharing Your Documents (2:20 min)
Reduce email attachments with OneDrive's handy sharing feature
Attaching Files from Outlook (1:58 min)
Options for attaching a copy of a OneDrive file to an email message
Recovering Previous Versions (1:32 min)
Use Version History to view, restore or remove previous versions
Finding Your Files (1:34 min)
Use the powerful search feature to find files and a whole lot more
OneDrive On-the-Go (2:10 min)
View and edit your OneDrive work files on a mobile phone or tablet