Put away the sticky notes - and learn how OneNote saves you time by digitally organizing all your important notes in one place. This video training series demonstrates how to get started creating notebooks, sections and pages, and add notes with text and pictures. Review the steps to tag notes for easy access, design templates, and share notes with the team.

Getting Started with OneNote 2013
Getting Started with OneNote (2:31 min)
Discover how features in OneNote 2013 can help you stay organized
Working with Notebooks (2:10 min)
Review the steps to create, open, close and delete OneNote notebooks
Adding Notes (2:18 min)
How to quickly insert drawings, handwritten or typed notes
Formatting Notes (2:12 min)
Add formatting or style to notes using the Ribbon or Mini-Toolbar
Customizing OneNote 2013 (2:29 min)
Tailor ribbons and customize views to suit your preferences
Managing Notebooks
Overview of how to customize, reorganize, and delete pages and subpages
Managing Sections (3:16 min)
Learn to add, customize and password protect OneNote sections
Adding Designs & Templates (2:03 min)
Dress up notebooks with ready-to-use page designs and templates
Creating Custom Templates (2:37 min)
Save time by creating a page or notebook template for future use
Using Quick Notes (1:56 min)
Use Quick Notes like electronic sticky notes to organize notes in one place
Printing Notes (2:03 min)
Explore the flexible options to print your notes just the way you want
Deleting Notebooks (1:00 min)
Locate and delete notebook files to save space on your computer
Attaching Content to Notes
Quickly organize your data into a table with the new, enhanced Table Tools
Adding Pictures (1:53 min)
Save time by using OneNote's text recognition feature on inserted images
Capturing Screen Clippings (2:01 min)
Easily make a screen clipping of a web page and extract its text
Inserting Links and Files (2:37 min)
Use Send to OneNote to insert files and web pages into your notes
Inserting Printouts (2:12 min)
Learn how to insert printouts from other applications and extract text
Tagging, Linking and Locating Notes
Tagging Notes (3:17 min)
Use handy tags to associate notes with tasks and ideas for easier location
Searching for Notes (2:56 min)
Find information in text notes, attachments, pictures, and multimedia
Adding Links (2:16 min)
Connect your notes, pages, websites and more by adding links
Using the Recycle Bin (2:18 min)
Restore deleted notes or purge information permanently with the Recycle Bin
Checking Version History (2:12 min)
View and restore previous versions of notes with the useful History feature
Integrating with Other Programs
Exporting Notes (2:20 min)
Explore options to export pages, sections and notebooks in various formats
Coordinating with Outlook (2:53 min)
Watch OneNote work with Outlook to integrate e-mail, tasks and meetings
Recording Audio or Video (2:14 min)
Add impact to your notes by adding audio or video right in OneNote
Sharing Notebooks
Sharing Your Notebook (2:12 min)
How to set up a shared notebook using Office 365 and SharePoint
OneNote on the Go
Turn your iPad into a note taking device with the OneNote app for iOS
OneNote on an Android Device (2:05 min)
How to use the OneNote app on an Android based tablet or phone
OneNote App for Windows Touch (2:57 min)
Review OneNote app's many features available on Windows Touch devices
Using OneNote Online (1:51 min)
Access notes right in the browser with the Online app and Office 365