Outlook 2013 is like an information superstore with one-stop access to your mail, calendar, people and more. The training videos in this series demonstrate how to get started and customize Outlook to your preferences. Learn to quickly compose and respond to messages, flag to-dos for follow-up, and reduce mailbox clutter. And see how to stay on track by managing your appointments, meetings and tasks, and easily connect to the people and resources you need.

Getting Started with Outlook 2013
Learn about Outlook 2013's capabilities and features
Touring the Outlook Interface (2:35 min)
Find your way around Outlook's customizable interface
The Quick Access Toolbar (2:31 min)
Personalize the Quick Access Toolbar with your favorite commands
Customizing the Ribbon (2:07 min)
Take a look at the options for customizing the Outlook Ribbon
Customizing the Navigation Bar (1:46 min)
Adjust the lower navigation bar to show just the commands you want
Working in Touch Mode (1:47 min)
Tips for using Outlook on a tablet or other touch-enabled device
Working with Messages
The steps to quickly create, format and send a message
Responding to Messages (2:03 min)
Review the simplified way to respond to messages
Working with Drafts (1:48 min)
How to create or find draft versions of messages in Outlook
Working with Attachments (2:32 min)
Review the options for adding file attachments to a message
Including a Signature (2:23 min)
Create and automatically insert a signature with your message
Setting Up an Automatic Reply (2:11 min)
Automatically notify others when you're away from the office
Illustrating the Message (2:11 min)
Make your messages come alive with images and graphics
Changing Default Font & Theme (2:37 min)
Set or change the Outlook default for the message format and font
Organizing the Mailbox
Creating Folders (2:09 min)
Reduce the mailbox clutter by organizing with folders
Managing Favorite Folders (1:17 min)
Add shortcuts to the folders you access the most
Adjusting the View (2:19 min)
Look at the options for adjusting the view for the way you work
Managing Conversations (1:54 min)
Check out a new way of dealing with threaded replies and responses
Flagging Items for Follow-up (2:10 min)
Track your to-dos by marking items with colored follow-up flags
Automating with Quick Steps (2:42 min)
Create one-click buttons to automate everyday mail tasks
Applying Mailbox Rules (3:01 min)
Automate message management with easy-to-use mailbox rules
Changing Item Colors (1:59 min)
Add conditional formatting to customize message appearance
Finding Outlook Items (1:46 min)
Quickly locate the messages you need with Outlook's Search Tools
Understanding Search Folders (2:22 min)
Use search queries to automatically organize items into folders
Cleaning Up the Mailbox (1:47 min)
Review the options for reducing the size of your mailbox
Recovering Deleted Items (1:37 min)
Recover items from the server even after they've been deleted
Dealing with Junk Mail (2:39 min)
Stay in control of unwanted messages and potentially malicious content
Appointments and Meetings
Review the basics for adding a new appointment to the calendar
Recurring Appointments (2:36 min)
Quickly create a schedule of regular or repeating appointments
Requesting a Meeting (3:04 min)
Check co-workers' schedules and create a meeting request
Responding to a Meeting Invite (2:19 min)
Manage the process of attending meetings and scheduling conflicts
Managing Group Calendars (2:54 min)
Create Calendar Groups to make scheduling meetings a breeze
Sharing the Calendar (3:06 min)
Simple ways to share your calendar with others in or out of the office
Assigning a Calendar Delegate (3:21 min)
Create a delegate to manage meeting requests and other calendar tasks
Printing the Calendar (1:21 min)
A look at various options for printing your Outlook Calendar
Managing Contacts
Adding a Contact (1:57 min)
Store contact details for people not found in the Global Address List
Importing Contacts (1:50 min)
The steps to import an existing list of contacts from another program
Creating Contact Groups (2:04 min)
How to use Contacts to create a personal distribution list
Building a Business Card (2:01 min)
Create a stylish electronic business card to include with your signature
Using the Social Connector (2:08 min)
Stay connected to your business social network within Outlook
Working with the People Pane (1:41 min)
Expand the People Pane to locate related activities with colleagues
Working with Tasks, To-Dos and Notes
Add, customize and manage daily tasks and to-do items all in one place
Assigning Tasks to Others (3:19 min)
Assigning Tasks to Others Create and assign tasks to others, then view completion details
Using Sticky Notes (2:40 min)
Save paper by using Notes to add an electronic note on the desktop
Adding Accounts
Adding Additional Accounts (1:14 min)
Keep email all in one place by adding additional accounts to Outlook
Outlook Web App (Office 365)
Conveniently manage your email with the Outlook Web App (OWA)
Composing Messages (2:18 min)
The basics for composing and sending messages in OWA
Sending Files and Attachments (1:48 min)
Learn how to attach files or insert pictures in an email message
Getting Started with Calendar (2:07 min)
Take a guided tour to get familiar with the Calendar's features
Scheduling Meetings (2:19 min)
How to schedule meetings that include multiple participants