Replace boring bullets with high impact graphics and multimedia to create stunning presentations with PowerPoint 2013. The training videos in this series demonstrate new ways to add stylish effects, themes, images, and video to dazzle your audience. Organize information more effectively with engaging tables, charts and diagrams. And learn best practices to control your slide show when presenting in front of an audience.

Getting Started
Getting Started with PowerPoint (4:11 min)
Learn what's new and updated from past versions of PowerPoint
Where to look to open, save, share, export and print files
Ensuring Version Compatibility (1:54 min)
Resolve issues when working with earlier versions of PowerPoint
Customizing the Ribbon (2:27 min)
Make it easy to find favorite commands by customizing the Ribbon
Customizing the QAT (1:59 min)
Create a more powerful Quick Access Toolbar with favorite shortcuts
Creating a Slide Show
Jump start your presentation by starting with a stylish template
Adding Slides and Content (2:49 min)
Add slides and choose layouts to match your specific type of content
Selecting a Design Theme (3:11 min)
Apply design themes or customize your own for just the right look
Examining Bullets and Levels (3:35 min)
Learn how bullets and levels are used to summarize content
Reorganizing Slides (2:57 min)
Rearrange, copy, or hide slides to tailor your presentation to its audience
Reusing Slides (2:59 min)
Save time by reusing slides and themes from other presentations
Organizing with Sections (2:16 min)
Organize large presentations into sections for easier management
Designing with Slide Masters
Designing Custom Slide Masters (3:50 min)
Create a custom slide master for a unique and professional look
Adding a Header and Footer (3:35 min)
Add consistency across slides easily with headers and footers
Saving a Custom Template (3:03 min)
Convert custom slide masters into templates for future presentations
Adding Graphics and Multimedia
Inserting Images (2:47 min)
Bring your presentation to life by quickly adding colorful images
Adjust and fine tune your images with the Corrections and Color tools
Adding Picture Effects (2:53 min)
Get creative by applying assorted Picture and Artistic effects
Adding Picture Styles (3:06 min)
Check out the options to add predefined styles or create your own
Removing Image Backgrounds (2:13 min)
Learn how to remove unwanted backgrounds from images
Using Picture Layouts (3:08 min)
Create a professional look with the Picture Layout tool
Including Stylish Word Art (3:30 min)
Convert regular text to stylish WordArt to create a unique look
Optimizing Photos (2:43 min)
Reduce the overall file size by optimizing photos and images
Enhancing with Video (3:00 min)
Techniques for adding and controlling video in the slide show
Converting to Video (2:05 min)
Make your presentation available to anyone no matter the device
Adding Hyperlinks and Actions (3:42 min)
Take advantage of hyperlinks and actions to add control and flexibility
Working with Slide Objects
Organize and save time by grouping objects
Aligning and Distributing Objects (3:39 min)
Use Guides and Grid lines to align objects with more precision
Using the Selection Pane (3:03 min)
Manage complex slide objects more effectively with the Selection Pane
Animating and Transitioning Slides
Animating Text and Objects (3:31 min)
Focus attention on your slides by including engaging animation effects
Creating Motion Path Animation (3:09 min)
Watch how motion paths can add eye-popping animation effects
Using Slide Transition Effects (2:36 min)
Keep your presentation active and flowing with transitions
Adding Diagrams, Charts and Shapes
Organizing with Tables (3:28 min)
Add Excel-like rows and columns to present data more effectively
Converting Bullets to SmartArt (3:02 min)
Convert boring bullets to SmartArt to add sizzle to your slides
Utilizing Charts (3:36 min)
Dress up your data with a variety of chart options and styles
Creating and Inserting Shapes (3:13 min)
Add shapes to your presentation to add more visual appeal
Presenting Information Effectively
Present with confidence using navigation and keyboard shortcuts
Working with the Presenter View (2:57 min)
Understand how Presenter View helps you stay in control of a show
Presenting Online (3:32 min)
Easily share your presentation with others online right in PowerPoint
Print Slides, Handouts & Notes (3:32 min)
Use PowerPoint's print options or save and print to an Acrobat PDF file