Smooth Move to
Office 2013

Guarantee a smooth move to Office 2013 with our short, straight-to-the-point training videos. Ideal for quick reference, this series begins with an overview of what's new and different in Office 2013. We then explore each program, highlighting new features and demonstrating the "gotta know" tools that help individuals and teams work smarter, not harder.

Features and Differences
Take a quick tour around the new, clean interface of Office 2013
Managing Files Backstage (2:19 min)
Where to look to open, save, share, export and print Office files
Changing the Background (1:24 min)
Personalize your programs with a theme or background change
Customizing the Ribbon (2:36 min)
Make it easy to find favorite commands by customizing the Ribbon
The Quick Access Toolbar (2:08 min)
Create a more powerful Quick Access Toolbar with your favorite shortcuts
Converting Files to 2013 (2:28 min)
Overview of the Office 2013 file types and working with compatibility issues
Understanding Account Settings (1:49 min)
Access Office 2013 files online using Office 365 or Microsoft SharePoint
Working in Touch Mode (1:40 min)
All about the new Touch Mode and how it's used on a touch-compatible device
Understanding OneDrive (2:09 min)
Keep files synced between computers and devices with this new service
Excel 2013
Familiarize yourself with the new Ribbon and features in Excel 2013
Working Faster with Flash Fill (2:10 min)
Learn a new, time-saving way to copy simple or complex patterns
Using the Quick Analysis Tool (2:25 min)
Easily add colorful analysis formatting to your data with this new feature
Finding Recommended Charts (2:33 min)
Excel's new feature helps you select the right chart from the beginning
Managing Table Data (3:07 min)
Convert existing data into a table for easy sorting, filtering and formatting
Formulas and Functions Review (2:39 min)
Review the correct ways to create formulas and functions for perfect results
Using Slicers and Timelines (3:15 min)
See the advantages of using slicers and timelines to visually filter data
Analyzing Data with Power View (3:42 min)
Create interesting and appealing presentations with the Power View tool
Protecting Worksheet Data (3:17 min)
A look at several ways to keep your data safe from unauthorized changes
Getting Ready to Print (2:39 min)
Use the Page Layout View and Page Layout Tab tools for perfect printing
Outlook 2013
An overview of the layout, Ribbon, and new features in Outlook 2013
Composing a Message (2:39 min)
The ins-and-outs of creating a message quickly using the Ribbon
Creating a Signature (2:15 min)
Give your e-mails a personalized touch by creating automatic signatures
Working Faster with Quick Steps (2:27 min)
Save time and be more productive by automating common tasks
Managing Your Calendar (3:00 min)
How to organize a calendar, manage multiple calendars, and share calendars
Adding Events and Meetings (2:39 min)
The steps to add an event to the Calendar and convert it to a meeting request
Organizing with To-Dos & Tasks (1:59 min)
Review, add and keep track of your to-dos and tasks using Outlook
Adding Contacts and Groups (1:59 min)
Take advantage of the People feature and quickly find contacts
Finding Items with Search (2:02 min)
Check out the powerful Search Tool to find what you're looking for fast
Office 365: Outlook Web App (3:07 min)
Manage your mail and calendar anywhere with a browser and Office 365
PowerPoint 2013
A look at what's new and updated from past versions of PowerPoint
Finding the Perfect Temlate (2:06 min)
How to access and customize just the right template for your presentation
Inserting Images (2:47 min)
Liven up your presentation by adding screen shots, online images and more
Making Image Adjustments (2:55 min)
Manipulate pictures and remove backgrounds with powerful image tools
Shapes, SmartArt and Charts (3:35 min)
Illustrate and summarize your message more effectively with colorful graphics
Animating Text and Objects (3:31 min)
Engage your audience by including fun animations in your presentation
Organizing with Sections (2:16 min)
Keep large presentations under control and easier to manage with sections
Enhancing with Video (3:00 min)
Take your presentation to the next level by adding engaging video
Converting to Video (2:05 min)
Share your presentation with anyone anywhere by converting it to video
Presenting Online (3:32 min)
Why travel when you can easily share your presentation with others online
Word 2013
Take a look at the new tools, features and changes made in Word 2013
Applying Styles & Themes (3:06 min)
Create a polished document easily by applying a new, fresh theme or style
Aligning Picture & Page Elements (2:01 min)
Explore the new Live Layout Alignment guides and updated layout options
Editing PDF Content (2:05 min)
Use the new PDF Reflow feature to open and edit PDF-formatted documents
Working in Simple Markup View (3:12 min)
Simplify your collaboration with others with new change-tracking features
Navigating Longer Documents (3:04 min)
Navigate through a document by heading, page, or by searching for text
Restoring Previous Versions (2:50 min)
Step-by-step instructions on how to save, restore and recover documents
Automating with Building Blocks (3:10 min)
Assemble more consistent documents with pre-built or custom building blocks
Tables Made Easier (3:12 min)
Simplify the process of creating attractive tables with these new features
New Improved Reading View (1:46 min)
Check out the new Read Mode layout option for easier reading on devices
Creating Blog Posts (2:12 min)
Learn the many advantages of using Word to create dynamic blog posts
Access 2013
See how the simplified look and powerful new features enhance Access 2013
Creating an Access Web App (3:00 min)
Learn to build mobile-ready web apps using pre-defined templates
Table Templates, Forms & Actions (3:38 min)
Speed up the process of building a custom web app with these handy tools
Editing SharePoint Lists (3:16 min)
Use Access to quickly edit, create and manage lists in SharePoint
Importing Data (2:53 min)
The steps for importing data to a central location for easier management
OneNote 2013
Update your status/location, search for contacts, and the new Quick Link bar
Working with Notebooks (2:10 min)
Review the steps to create, open, close and delete OneNote notebooks
Organizing with Improved Tables (2:12 min)
Quickly organize your data into a table with the new, enhanced Table Tools
Sharing Your Notebook (2:08 min)
How to set up a shared notebook using Office 365 and a SharePoint site
Using the OneNote Web App (2:09 min)
Compile and share information in real-time for more productive collaboration
Lync 2013
Update your status/location, search for contacts, and the new Quick Link bar
Sending Instant Messages (1:40 min)
Start an instant message conversation with one or more colleagues
Finding Conversation History (1:40 min)
Search for and revisit details of previous conversations in Outlook
Transferring Files via Lync (1:29 min)
Watch how easy it is to transfer files to a contact during a conversation
Managing Contacts (1:52 min)
Organize and add contacts and groups, and explore sorting options