Connect your organization to the rich collaboration and social capabilities of SharePoint 2013 with our to-the-point training videos. This series will ensure Site Member contributors learn the essential skills necessary to create, manage, and share solutions to real-world problems. Site owners, implementers, project managers and administrators will also gain perspective on how new mobile-friendly features encourage teams to be more interactive and productive.

Understanding SharePoint (1:49 min)
Get familiar with SharePoint 2013's components and collaboration features
Touring a Team Site (2:47 min)
Learn your way around the navigation controls and features in SharePoint
Follow a team member through a typical day to understand their role
Working with Libraries
Library Overview (2:03 min)
Learn how Libraries can be used to store, edit, organize and share files
Uploading Files and Folders (1:53 min)
Discover more than one way to upload files and folders
Working with Folders (1:57 min)
Learn the advantages and disadvantages of working with folders
Defining List or Library Views (3:07 min)
Customize the library or list view to show just the information you need
File Properties and Columns (3:11 min)
Harness file properties and columns to better organize your library
Staying in Sync (2:40 min)
Sync sites for accessing in Windows Explorer rather than the browser
Editing Documents (2:13 min)
Learn how documents can be opened and edited collaboratively
Using Version Control (2:57 min)
Monitor and keep track of changes through Document Library versioning
Checking Out Files (2:34 min)
Reserve a file for editing to prevent others from having access
Reduce e-mail attachments by using SharePoint's handy sharing feature
Staying Alerted (2:22 min)
Set alerts to provide notification when list or library changes are made
Recovering Deleted Items (1:58 min)
Discover how to recover deleted items using the Recycle Bin
Working with Lists
List Overview (2:17 min)
Understand how lists are the building blocks of site collaboration
Editing List Data (2:01 min)
Manage list data more efficiently with the Quick Edit view
Customizing a List (2:33 min)
How to easily add custom columns and create a filtered view
Managing Calendars and Tasks
Managing Calendar Events (2:16 min)
A quick review of the steps to add and edit calendar events
Overlaying Calendars (3:35 min)
Manage multiple events by overlaying calendars from different sources
Use the Task list to add, assign and manage team tasks and subtasks
Visualizing Project Tasks (2:41 min)
Explore the different ways to view and manage project tasks
Managing Your Tasks (2:12 min)
Tips to stay on top of your own project tasks using My Tasks
Working with Pages
Editing Pages (3:36 min)
Engage your audience by adding text and graphics to site pages
Create dynamic pages by adding existing list and library app parts
About SharePoint Apps (2:41 min)
Learn about SharePoint apps and add a picture library to store photos
Searching SharePoint
Searching SharePoint (2:23 min)
How to find what you need in SharePoint sites using the Search feature
Discovering Site Contents (1:30 min)
Discover how a SharePoint site is organized using Site Contents
Contributing to a Site
Participating in a Discussion (2:38 min)
Participate in a SharePoint discussion to post topics or ask questions
Joining a Community Site (2:47 min)
Join, find your way around, and contribute to a SharePoint Community Site
Getting Social
Editing Your Profile (3:32 min)
Set up your SharePoint profile to share with others
Staying Connected (3:11 min)
Stay up-to-date by following newsfeeds and favorite sites
Learn how to add hashtags, mentions, and media to your newsfeed
Creating Your Blog (3:32 min)
Socialize using posts with rich media as part of your communication plan
Integrating with Microsoft Office
Connecting to Outlook (2:57 min)
Synchronize calendars and contacts to make them available off-line
Syncing Tasks to Outlook (1:45 min)
Sync and manage assigned SharePoint tasks directly from Outlook
Working with Excel (3:32 min)
Watch how SharePoint list data is exported into or published from Excel