SharePoint Site Owners are the key to keeping sites updated, organized and accessible. These SharePoint 2013 training videos use real-world business scenarios to help Site Owners learn how to plan for sites, implement lists and libraries for content, create and manage pages, adjust the look and feel, and efficiently manage permissions. Watch them all in order, or jump directly to a specific topic for quick reference.

SharePoint 2013 Overview (2:57 min)
Review SharePoint's features, structure, roles and version offerings
The Role of the Site Owner (3:00min)
Understand the role and responsibilities of a typical SharePoint Site Owner
Getting Started with Sites
Planning a Site (2:09 min)
How to plan ahead wisely and build an effective team site
Exploring Site Templates (2:16 min)
Accelerate the site creation process with pre-configured templates
Learn to quickly create a site/subsite to address a specific need or situation
Managing Site Settings (2:44 min)
How to take control of your site and learn where content is stored
Managing a Community Site (3:32 min)
Learn how to setup and administer a SharePoint Community site
Creating a Custom Template (2:40 min)
Save time by creating your own custom SharePoint site templates
Deleting a Site (2:19 min)
Keep your site current and clutter-free by deleting unneeded subsites
Working with Pages
Customizing the Home Page (3:32 min)
A look at the extensive editing tools available to customize site pages
Wiki vs. Web Part Pages (1:59 min)
Understand the differences between Wiki and Web Part pages
Adding Web Parts (4:11 min)
How to use Web Parts to add dynamic views of content to site pages
Connecting Web Parts (3:04 min)
Make your site more useful and interactive by connecting Web Parts
Spark some interest in your SharePoint page by adding video
Lists and Libraries
Exploring List Settings (3:38 min)
Review the common elements to harness the power of SharePoint lists
Creating a Custom List (4:38 min)
Save time by creating powerful custom lists using existing information
Using Calculated List Columns (3:36 min)
Use math operations in columns to display information in new ways
Creating a Custom View (4:18 min)
Review the flexible options available to fine-tune list and library views
Managing Group Alerts (2:57 min)
Ensure members are up-to-date by creating and overseeing alerts
Creating a Library (2:21 min)
Get organized by creating a specific library tailored to your needs
Enabling Library Versioning (3:22 min)
Manage documents and keep track of changes with versioning options
Help your team quickly create documents and stay consistent with templates
Deleting Lists and Libraries (2:40 min)
Keep tabs on your storage metrics and remove outdated information
Working with Access (3:16 min)
Use Access to quickly edit, create and manage lists in SharePoint
Managing Content
Introduction to Content Types (2:28 min)
An overview of Content Types and how they're used in SharePoint
Working with Content Types (3:03 min)
Step-by-step instructions for creating a custom Content Type
Associating a Content Type (2:50 min)
Review the process to associate a custom Content Type to a Library
Configuring Workflows (3:46 min)
Apply a workflow to a list or library by using an out-of-the-box template
Customizing the Look and Feel
Changing the Look (3:23 min)
Customize the look of your site layout and graphics with branding options
Site Navigation Basics (3:14 min)
Use the new on-page editing feature to quickly build and maintain navigation
Navigation Advanced Settings (3:28 min)
Learn to customize the display of navigation links, content and sites
Enabling Tree View Navigation (1:37 min)
Explore a familiar way to simply display content to members and visitors
Help visitors find your most important content by creating customized tiles
Sharing the Site
Permissions Overview (3:04 min)
Review the many levels of permissions available to control site access
Managing Access (3:08 min)
Take a look at the specific ways to manage and grant access to a site
Creating Custom Groups (3:32 min)
Create customized SharePoint groups tailored to your organization
Changing Content Access (3:56 min)
Use unique permissions to create content areas for specific groups
Targeting Audiences (2:38 min)
Learn how to target specific audiences with unique page content
Analyzing Popularity Trends (2:22 min)
Where to find statistics to gauge the effectiveness of your site