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I especially appreciate the SharePoint site administrator videos. They reflect common sense and a real-world sensibility, always starting with the basics. You reinforce key concepts that most SharePoint shepherds try to emphasize with their site owners. I can now point site administrators to your videos and say, 'see, it's not just me saying this.' The videos are short, bite-sized nuggets that answer SharePoint questions from a user's perspective. You talk to them, not over them. In my day-to-day role as a communications professional, I strive to do the same. Your videos are an extension of that for me. Since I'm not a full-time SharePoint guy, you really saved me a bunch of time preparing our intranet users for the switch from SP2007 to 2013.

Craig Thomas
Sacramento Municipal Utility District

I reached out to CBTClips for a series of 7 video demos I needed produced. From first contact to final product - every single step of the way was delightful: communication (overseas) was extremely timely and to-the-point, and CBTClips understood my requirements instantly and delivered drafts and iterations faster than I could've imagined. On top of all of that, the price was more than fair. The final result was professional and fabulous, and met all of my requirements. The bottom line - working with CBTClips was a true pleasure, and there's no doubt in my mind who I'll be turning to the next time I need a tutorial produced. I strongly recommend CBTClips to anyone in need of a quality tutorial.

Shahar Burg

The thing is for us, we don't have an IT trainer so your videos are perfect in that we can refer staff (in our case mostly firefighters) to the links on our intranet so they can train themselves up as and when they need to - it gives us a really useful option instead of saying there is nothing we can do. As I think I've said before, I also really like your videos because they are concise, to the point and effective - we have had positive feedback from our previous users from the SharePoint training we set up. I'm sure we will get the same from the Office videos.

Alan George
Hereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue Service, UK

Excellent instructional videos.

Tara Leavitt
Allscripts Corporate

In preparing for an e-mail migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook 2010, I searched for some targeted and readily available training materials. I came across the video clips from CBT Clips and immediately knew I found what I was looking for. I've placed these videos up on a training SharePoint site, and they have become an instant success. Short, sweet, and to the point, these videos are perfect 'just in time' training pieces for our end user community.

Michael Macygin
Organization name withheld by request

The rich features within Microsoft Office and SharePoint are simply not complete without online training, and we've found that CBTClips offers the most complete, professional, and easiest to implement method for our user community. Our customers and associates praise the self-paced topics that are available right from our SharePoint, and this has cut the frustration of learning new technology dramatically.

Darrell Johnson Manager
Web Applications Sybron Dental Specialties

I found great benefit in the training, and have without a doubt learned a few tricks. Not only was the information very useful for these Office products, but the delivery was outstanding. Rather than a dry, painful presentation like I can imagine many office training courses could quickly turn into, the presentation flowed well by incorporating witty humor and maintaining a balanced paced. Finally, I appreciated the completeness of the subjects covered. Even though this was a quick overview of each Office product, the topics chosen and the full level of detail given to each of the broad topics was just enough to give us the knowledge and ability to use the tools available, without digging too deep to get away from the scope of this particular webinar. I definitely feel better equipped to take support phone calls over the Microsoft Office 2007 projects.

Cory Ring Technical Support Analyst
Nationwide Children's Hospital Support Center

With staff located throughout the United States, our challenge was to find a training provider with solutions to help us make a smooth transition to Office 2007. had exactly what we needed, from computer- based videos that were posted to our intranet, to instructor-led webinars customized for Retalix. They even provided phone and e-mail support for those with questions during the transition. Thanks for your professional work! We appreciate your contribution to the success of Office 2007 rollout at Retalix.

Inbal Levitan, IT Applications Manager
Retalix US, Plano, TX

The video clips for SharePoint 2007 give us an easy way to provide anytime training for our employees throughout the world. The short clips, providing bite-size information, make learning to use SharePoint relatively quick and easy, which is important for our employee's busy schedules. On-site, remote training and custom video clips are key success factors to our recent smooth SharePoint implementation.

Timothy Brandon, PMP Chemtura Corporation
Middlebuy, CT

With limited training resources available, we turned to CBTClips to create a series of video-based training tutorials to help customers get up to speed quickly. They were able to create training movies that are not only technically accurate and visually appealing but are also easily absorbed.

Gregory L. Weber, President Companion Software, Inc.

The clips were very professionally done, concise and exactly what I had hoped to find. Then, when the need arose to create custom clips (and after failed attempts with existing resources to get the quality of clip needed) I turned to CBTClips for help. The result, professional custom clips we could publish to the public. Finally, with the success, quality, and affordability of the CBTClips services we opted to license all public machines to offer their clips on several hundred community systems.

Susan Staples IT Manager Weld Library District
Greeley, CO

Brevity, and clarity in instruction; it's 'there', right in front of you! Would highly recommend CBTClips, especially for those learners with 'attention-deficit'...this product helps us all learn....but keep moving! And that's what it takes in today's business world!

Alicia Pouncey, Aureus Research Consultants, LLC
New Orleans, LA

Very nice, targeted training on specific knowledge and skills. Being presented in 'bite sized' portions makes it especially nice and easy to fit into a hectic schedule. We are amazed how well CBTClips lead the user through learning potentially confusing tasks in a well paced, friendly manner.

Everett Harper
LA County
Department of Family Services

CBTClips are helpful in so many ways. We use them to distribute instructions, deliver consistent training messages and for on-demand help. Staff is always surprised at the personal help right at their fingertips. CBTClips are like having someone next to you, pointing at your screen with valuable hands-on assistance! They're fast, easy to use and simple to - understand!

Miriam Hutchinson
Metropolitan Water District
Los Angeles, CA

Provides our organization with documentation and computer-based training movies to help staff understand how to use our many applications. Their training movies are technically accurate, visually appealing and easily absorbed by our employees. With their help, each project has been completed within the proposed budget and well before the deadline. We have found their service to be unique and an invaluable resource. After the release of each video training project, they have provided excellent follow-up. Changes, edits and updates were handled quickly and professionally.

IT Manager Los Angeles, CA
Organization name withheld by request

Solves most of the training issues we had in the past. With CBTClips people can access Training anytime and anywhere. With the clips, we were able reduce the number of calls to our help desks. These are from the same people that just need to be trained but don't have the time.

Leading Medical Technology Firm, Sylmar, CA

Quick and concise clips enable the user to view only what they need to know at the time. This is important for the busy field sales professional.

Leading Pharmaceutical Company, Irvine, CA

CBTClips provide an innovative, user friendly environment in which learning modules can be disseminated in an efficient and seamless and cost effective environment. No problems on our end. Service has been incredible and efficient, often keeping our workflow going. QuickClips, what a cost effective, time effective and valuable resource for training. We love it! The environment is completely user friendly, even for individuals with little computer knowledge.

Stephen Lazzari Aureus Research Consultants, LLC
New Orleans, LA