With its evolutionary design, Windows 10 is similar to the Windows you already know, only better! The training videos in this series will help you find your way around and see what's new and different. Learn various ways to manage documents, find programs & apps, customize settings, and browse the web. In no time you'll be up-to-speed and back to work -- with Windows 10.

Getting Started
Overview of Windows 10's interface, features and capabilities
Signing In and Out (2:01 min)
Options to sign in, lock, and sign out of your account
Exploring the Start Menu (2:00 min)
Where to find programs, documents, settings on the Start menu
Searching Windows and the Web (1:39 min)
Tips for quickly locating just about anything with Windows Search
Working with Files and Folders
Locate and manage your documents, files, folder and resources
Managing Files and Folders (1:51 min)
Review options for organizing, copying or moving files and folders
Pinning Items for Quick Access (1:25 min)
Learn two ways to create shortcut links to frequently accessed folders
Customizing File Explorer (2:15 min)
Customize File Explorer with item check boxes and file extensions
Searching in File Explorer (1:45 min)
Tips for finding exactly what you're looking for in File Explorer
Zipping Files and Folders (1:54 min)
Reduce the file size before e-mailing with this handy Windows feature
Burning a CD/DVD (1:23 min)
The steps to burn files or content to a rewritable CD or DVD.
Customizing Windows Settings
Switch the theme, desktop background, colors, sounds and screen saver
Creating a Custom Start Menu (2:01 min)
Add program shortcuts to the Start menu and Task bar
Adjusting Power & Sleep Settings (1:27 min)
Tips for maximizing battery life on your Windows laptop or mobile device
Working with the Action Center (1:14 min)
Display or hide icons and adjust power settings
Making Windows More Accessible (1:43 min)
Examine and enable features that make Windows more accessible
Customizing the Task Bar Clock (1:34 min)
Add clocks from different time zones to your Task bar
Configuring Sound Settings (1:31 min)
Where to find and setup speaker and microphone settings
Working with Programs and Apps
Snapping Windows (1:48 min)
Quickly resize and arrange windows or even add a second desktop
Capturing Screenshots (1:24 min)
How to use the Snipping Tool to capture anything on the screen
Browsing the Windows Store (1:20 min)
How to access, search and install apps from the Windows Store
Finding Your Way with Maps (2:00 min)
Find a destination, traffic conditions, or create driving directions
Import Pictures into Photos App (2:17 min)
Import photos and videos from your smartphone for use on your PC
Using the Alarms and Clock App (2:57 min)
Set alarms, manage world time zones, and use the stopwatch
Browsing with Edge
Take a quick tour of the new, streamlined Edge browser
Saving Favorites & Reading List (1:49 min)
Keep track of your important pages with Favorites and Reading List
Finding History and Downloads (1:22 min)
View and manage your browsing history and downloads
Creating and Sharing Web Notes (1:39 min)
Annotate or highlight web pages and save to OneNote or your Reading List
Customizing Edge Settings (1:33 min)
Personalize Edge to fit the way you like to work
Protecting Your Privacy (1:53 min)
Check out Edge's many privacy and security features
Printing Web Pages (1:38 min)
Explore options to output web pages to printers and PDF files
Finding Internet Explorer (1:00 min)
How to find Internet Explorer and set it as the default browser
Devices and Networking
Finding a Wireless Network (1:12 min)
Locate, connect to, and manage wireless network connections
Projecting on a Second Screen (1:15 min)
Options for connecting your display to a projector or second screen
Connecting to a Printer (1:31 min)
A step-by-step guide for connecting to printers in Windows 10
Connecting to a Bluetooth Device (1:04 min)
Learn how to easily connect to and manage a Bluetooth device
Mapping a Network Drive (1:12 min)
A quick review on how to map to a network share or resource
Tablet / Touch Mode
Working in Tablet or Touch Mode (2:08 min)
Getting around Windows 10 on a tablet or a touch-enabled device
Navigating Programs and Apps (2:20 min)
How to open, switch between, arrange and close apps and programs
Working with Cortana
Setting up Cortana (2:08 min)
Learn how to set up a voice-activated personal assistant called Cortana
Interacting with Cortana (2:32 min)
Watch how Cortana can be used as a personal assistant
Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts
Windows Quick Access Menu (1:43 min)
Take a tour of the "Swiss army knife" of Windows' features
Accessing Task Manager (1:47 min)
Learn how the new Task Manager can help you manage PC performance
Recording Problems and Issues (1:19 min)
Use the new File History feature to backup and restore file versions
Enabling File History (2:32 min)
Use the File History feature to backup and restore file versions