With a radically new design, Windows 8 initially looks different and unfamiliar, but give it a chance! The new Start screen makes working on touch-friendly tablets easier while offering the fastest, most powerful desktop ever. The training videos in this series help you find your way around, learn time-saving shortcuts, and be more productive using a mouse, keyboard or gestures on a touch screen.

Getting Started
Overview of the changes and what to expect when working with Windows 8
Signing In to Windows (1:23 min)
Review the new way to sign in (login) to your Windows account
Signing Out of Windows (1:16 min)
How to sign out (logout) from the Desktop or Start screen
Shutting Down Windows (1:22 min)
Learn three convenient ways to shut down Windows 8
Exploring the Desktop (2:07 min)
Explore the Windows Desktop, Taskbar, and Start Button
Take a quick look around the Start screen, Tiles, and Charms Bar
Introducing the Charms Bar (2:00 min)
Take advantage of the five "charms" that make up the Charms Bar
Working with Programs & Apps (2:17 min)
Learn how to open, switch between, and close apps and desktop programs
Finding Programs and Tools (1:48 min)
Use the Search tool to quickly locate programs and documents you need
Using Touch Gestures (2:21 min)
Learn how to use touch gestures to navigate on a touch-enabled device
Managing Files and Folders
Overview of the new File Explorer (Windows Explorer) and Ribbon
Navigating File Explorer (2:50 min)
Learn to locate and manage files and folders in File Explorer
Searching with File Explorer (1:46 min)
Take advantage of the powerful Search tool and Ribbon to find items
Copying and/or Moving Files (1:57 min)
New options for copying or moving files in File Explorer
Customizing the File Explorer (2:23 min)
Display new columns, change the sort order, and show file extensions
Zipping Files and Folders (2:27 min)
Reduce the file size before e-mailing with this handy Windows feature
Adding Shortcuts to Favorites (1:46 min)
Add a shortcut to the folders you access the most in Favorites
Burning a CD or DVD (1:13 min)
Check out the steps to burn files to a CD or DVD directly from File Explorer
Desktop Features
Finding Frequently Opened Files (1:39 min)
Use Jump Lists to quickly find and open recently used files
Arranging Programs (1:24 min)
Automatically size and arrange windows by snapping them into place
Split the screen to work with a desktop program and app at the same time
Ease of Access Center (2:30 min)
Examine and enable features that make Windows 8 more accessible
Recording Screen Captures (1:48 min)
Use the Snipping Tool to create instant screen captures
Staying Notified (2:32 min)
Display or hide icons, adjust power settings or display additional clocks
Modifying Graphics with Paint (1:42 min)
Use Windows' built-in Paint program to customize graphics and images
Extending the Calculator (2:26 min)
Explore the new styles included with the Windows Calculator and app
Personalizing Windows
Organize the Start screen tiles with your own customized groups
Personalizing the Desktop (2:20 min)
Switch the theme, desktop background, colors, sounds and screen saver
Personalizing the Start Screen (2:11 min)
Customize the Windows Lock and Start screen and your account picture
Making Everything Bigger (2:04 min)
Learn different ways to "make everything bigger" and easier to see
Creating Shortcuts (2:23 min)
Tips for adding shortcuts on both the desktop and Start screen
Customizing Start Tiles (1:52 min)
Enable live tiles, reorganize, resize or remove them altogether
Devices and Networking
Connecting to a Wireless Network (1:28 min)
Locate, connect to, and manage wireless network connections
Projecting on a Second Screen (1:25 min)
Instructions for projecting your display to a projector or second screen
Connecting to a Printer (2:12 min)
A step-by-step guide for connecting to printers in Windows 8
Mapping a Network Drive (1:50 min)
A quick review on how to map to a network share or resource
Connecting to a Bluetooth Device (1:13 min)
Instructions to help you easily connect to and manage a Bluetooth device
Internet Explorer
Take a quick tour of the new, streamlined Internet Explorer
Working with Tabs (1:11 min)
Learn how to arrange separate browser pages with tear-off tabs
Adding & Finding Favorites (1:48 min)
Add and organize links to favorite or frequently visited web pages
Downloading with Confidence (1:48 min)
Learn how to safely download items in Internet Explorer
Protecting Your Privacy (1:50 min)
Check out Internet Explorer's improved privacy and security features
Adjusting the View (1:20 min)
Tips for making it easier to read content by controlling the zoom level
Precise Printing Tips (1:53 min)
Review the features and options to print exactly what you want
Saving a Web Page (1:48 min)
Options for saving a copy of a web page for viewing offline
Exploring Start Screen Apps
Send personal e-mail from one or more accounts with the Mail app
Working with the Calendar (3:09 min)
Use the Calendar app to keep track of appointments and events
Working with the Photos App (2:37 min)
Browse photos on the computer or linked to your social networks
Finding Your Way with Maps (2:47 min)
Find a destination, traffic conditions, or create driving directions
News, Weather, Finance, Sports (2:05 min)
Quick overview of the informational apps included with Windows 8
Internet Explorer App (2:22 min)
Tips on using the Internet Explorer app on the Start screen
Reading List App (1:28 min)
Bookmark web articles for reading later with the Reading List app
Shopping in the Windows Store (1:42 min)
How to access, search and install apps from the Windows Store
Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts
Adjusting Start Screen Navigation (1:43 min)
Options for de-emphasizing Start screen features on the Desktop
Windows Quick Access Menu (1:38 min)
Take a tour of the "Swiss army knife" of Windows 8 features
Understanding Task Manager (1:50 min)
Learn how the new Task Manager can help you manage PC performance
Enabling File History (2:36 min)
Use the new File History feature to backup and restore file versions
Recording Problems and Issues (1:43 min)
Help the help desk by capturing each step of an issue with Steps Recorder
Adjusting Search Settings (1:53 min)
Modify Windows' search settings to protect your privacy
Windows Mobility Center (1:31 min)
Find all the tools and settings you need in one convenient location