You use Word, but how effectively are you working? This series of training videos helps you get the most from Word's standard tools, and introduces new ways to make document editing easier. We demonstrate how to manage text and paragraphs, apply design features and work with graphics. You'll learn new ways to manage document elements, collaborate more efficiently, and build polished documents faster in Word 2013.

Getting Started
Getting Started with Word (3:38 min)
Take a quick tour of Word 2013, the Ribbon and Backstage features
Managing Files Backstage (3:05 min)
Go Backstage to open, save, print, share, and set Word preferences
Ensuring Version Compatibility (2:28 min)
See how to resolve issues when working with earlier versions of Word
Create shortcuts by adding favorite commands to the Quick Access Toolbar
Customizing the Ribbon (2:37 min)
Easily incorporate the commands you use the most into the Ribbon
Improved Reading Mode (1:46 min)
Learn about this new view and how it makes documents easier to read
Working with Text & Paragraphs
Adjusting Font Defaults (2:41 min)
Where to find and change font and paragraph default settings
Controlling Page Margins (2:07 min)
Learn how to control page margins for more readable documents
Applying Styles & Themes (3:05 min)
Create a polished document by applying a cool theme or style
Speeding Up Formatting (2:37 min)
Watch Format Painter quickly copy text, shape and picture formatting
Summarize effectively with bulleted, numbered, and multilevel lists
Adding Page & Section Breaks (2:28 min)
How to control the flow of content using page and section breaks
Mastering Tabs and Indents (2:59 min)
Align text and paragraphs with precision using indents and tabs
8. Adjusting Pagination (3:12 min)
Options for keeping paragraphs and tables together
Document Design Features
Adding Page Numbers (2:08 min)
Learn how to insert and format page numbers in a variety of ways
Inserting Headers & Footers (3:07 min)
The steps to creating eye-catching header and footer elements
Add text boxes and engaging quotes to break up long documents
Working with Tables (3:11 min)
Simplify the process of creating tables with these new features
Converting Text to Columns (1:56 min)
Take advantage of columns to add balance to the document layout
Shading and Border Styles (2:42 min)
Dress up documents with paragraph shading and colorful border styles
Including a Watermark (1:40 min)
Apply a watermark from a variety of preset choices or create your own
Working with Graphics
Review the steps for finding, inserting and positioning images and clip art
Aligning with Live Layout (2:01 min)
Explore the new Live Layout Alignment guides and updated layout options
Using SmartArt Diagrams (2:34 min)
Perk up boring lists and add visual appeal with colorful graphics
Enhancing Images (2:51 min)
Make corrections, add effects, and adjust color to improve picture quality
Document Management
Use this new feature to open, edit, and publish PDF files in Word
Restoring Previous Versions (2:50 min)
See how AutoRecover helps reclaim saved and unsaved documents
Reviewing & Tracking Changes (2:43 min)
Simplify your collaboration with others with new tracking features
Comparing Document Versions (2:48 min)
How to compare and merge changes from multiple versions of a document
Printing Documents (1:49 min)
Take advantage of the various print options for perfect results every time
Working with Long Documents
Navigating Longer Documents (3:04 min)
Navigate through long documents quickly by heading or page
Including a Table of Contents (3:10 min)
Watch how Word automatically constructs a table of contents
Building an Index (3:34 min)
Create an easy-to-use index to help readers locate specific words
Building a Table of Figures (2:25 min)
Learn how to quickly add captions and customize a table of figures
Inserting Foot Notes (1:24 min)
Give clarity to your document with helpful footnotes and endnotes
Creating a Bibliography (2:23 min)
Step-by-step instructions on how to create and customize a bibliography
Producing Labels and Envelopes
Getting Ready to Mail (2:30 min)
The simple steps to set up, customize and print envelopes and labels
Creating a Mail Merge (2:51 min)
Save time by taking advantage of Word's efficient Mail Merge feature
Creating Forms
An overview of the steps need to create electronic forms in Word
Laying Out the Form (3:13 min)
Learn the basic design steps for structuring the layout of your form
Adding Form Controls (Part 1) (3:11 min)
Learn how to add date pickers, combo boxes, and drop-down list boxes
Adding Form Controls (Part 2) (3:18 min)
Complete a form by adding checkboxes and controls to hold text
Inserting a Signature Line (3:27 min)
Add a signature line and restrict the form from being modified
Document Security
Removing Personal Information (1:22 min)
Learn how to inspect and remove personal information and comments
Applying Passwords (2:54 min)
Options for restricting documents from being opened or modified