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Smooth Move to Office 365 UPDATED!

Smooth Move to
Office 365

50+ movies

Get everyone ready for Office 365 with training videos that show users the new way to work!
Outlook 2013 training videos NEW!

Working with
Outlook 2013

50 movies

Help users learn to communicate, connect, and coordinate more efficiently in Outlook 2013.
SharePoint Online videos NEW!

Connect to
SharePoint Online

Site Members and Owners

Learn to navigate, manage files, share docs, and collaborate with other team members.
Office 2013 training videos NEW!

Working with
Office 2013

200 movies

Help your users “fill in the blanks” and learn how to work smarter and more effectively in Office 2013
Windows 8 training videos UPDATED

Working with
Windows 8.1

60 movies

Navigate the Start screen, find shortcuts, personalize and be more productive in Windows 8.1.
SharePoint training videos UPDATED!

Connect to
SharePoint 2013

Site Members and Owners

Learn the skills to create, manage, and share solutions to real-world problems.


Windows 7 training videos PREVIEW

Power Up to
Windows 7

84 movies

Help users discover the tips and tricks to ensure productivity with Windows 7.
SharePoint training videos PREVIEW

Connect to
SharePoint 2010

75 movies

Empower new Site Owners and Members with training videos tailored for each role.
Office 2010 training videos PREVIEW!

Beyond the Basics
Office 2010

200 movies

Maximum productivity with Office 2010 training videos that take users beyond the basics.